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Downloads accompanying the book

Java Development Kit

The Java Development Kit version 1.2, which implements the Java 2 platform on Windows and Solaris is available for download for free from Sun Microsystems.

This site also contains links to Java development software for other platforms, amongst which are the JDK port to Linux, available from and commerical development software from other companies such as SuperCede, Borland, Metrowerks, Microsoft and Symantec.

Example code

All complete programs listed in the book are available here for download. They are available in three formats:

All three versions have identical contents - your choice of format depends solely on your decompression software. I would advise that you download one of the complete archives since they are small enough that they will not take a large amount of time to download and will then allow you to work through the examples without being connected to the Internet.

Note that the example code is stored in a directory structure in which each program is in its own directory and then these directories are grouped by chapter.

The JSGL, a Scientific Graphics Library for Java

The JSGL is a library which was written specifically for this book. It provides support for drawing common types of graph, and is intended to shield the scientific user from the full complexities of writing graphical user-interface code in Java. It is discussed in depth in Chapter 7.

As a simple example of the functionality which it provides, here is a link to one of the examples in the book: Example - the Binomial Distribution.

The JSGL is available in two formats:

Both versions have identical contents - your choice of format depends solely on your decompression software. The documentation included in these packages is also available for browsing online.

Note that the JSGL is open source software - it is copyright (C) 1997-1999 Richard Davies, and is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either:

Click here for a a list of known bugs and information on new versions of the JSGL which fix these.

The JNL, a Numerical Library for Java

The JNL is a free library which was developed by Visual Numerics Inc.. It provides additional numerical routines to those in the standard libraries. These include:

  • Additional elementary functions, such as sinh and erf.
  • Complex number support
  • Matrix and vector support
  • Methods for decomposing matrices

The JNL is discussed further in Chapter 8. Visual Numerics have since continued development and now produce the JMSL, which includes similar functionality. The original JNL with the exact interface described in the book is still available here.

Note: Some readers have reported VerifyErrors with certain routines when using the JNL under JDK 1.2. These appear to be due to incompatibilities between the original JNL 1.0 revision F class files (compiled using JDK 1.1) and the JDK 1.2. On 26/02/1999, VNI updated the class files (without changing the version number). If you experience these problems, then please make sure that you are using a version of the JNL downloaded after this date.