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Known bugs in the JSGL

  • Under some JDK/OS versions the Graph window may not open at the correct full size (for instance in many web browsers).
  • If the quit button is pressed during drawing activity (for instance during operation of the Mandelbrot set example) then a stack trace is output to the console.
  • There should be some prompting for the user to enter text into the input line and then press the input button - maybe a line printed on text window start up.
  • The return button should be equivalent to the input button.

Bugs fixed to date

  • Version 1.01 fixes:
    • The "Save as EPS" option for the Graph window can take a very long time to produce output for complicated figures.

Please mail a description of any bugs that you find when using the JSGL to Richard Davies at . I will make every attempt to fix these and provide an updated version of the JSGL for download.

Note that the JSGL is open source software - it is copyright (C) 1997-1999 Richard Davies, and is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either:

The JSGL source code is included in the package available for download and I am willing to act as a maintainer for this, updating it to include users' bug fixes or any enhancements which don't break compatibility. Contact me at if you have any such ideas.