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Introductory Java for Scientists and Engineers

by Richard Davies

Addison Wesley Longman, ISBN 0-201-39813-3
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`a great instructional book for scientists and engineers'

Claude Duguay for JavaZone

Java is currently enjoying immense success and is taught in hundreds of universities around the world. It is a portable, object-oriented language and could soon be the language of choice for students across scientific and engineering disciplines.

Introductory Java for Scientists and Engineers provides an extremely accessible and thorough introduction to Java for science and engineering students. The first part takes the reader gradually through the language features, standard libraries and object orientation. The second part moves on to discuss libraries for scientific graphics and numerics and contains chapters introducing software engineering, physical modelling and more serious numerical algorithms.

Unlike most other books on Java, discussion is not dominated by writing user interface code, and all of the examples perform the kind of computations that will be of interest to a scientific programmer.


Richard Davies is an International Physics Olympiad Gold Medallist. He has a wide range of commercial programming experience and is a Director of Arachsys Internet Services Ltd, an Internet Service Provider.